Interested in sponsoring the event?

The Ted-Ed club at Lambert aims to provide a platform for students to connect and
share ideas regardless of the differences found among one another. Creative ideas can be shared through animations on a web platform. Public speaking is emphasized
because it is the most successful way to conceptualize, share, and act upon. The Ted-Ed club has been adopted around the world by students and teachers to develop presentation literacy and impact the world through words. Whether your vision is a form of self-expression or targeted to a group, it is valued. We are looking for sponsors to help organize our first annual TEDxYouth@LambertHS. Sponsors can either donate money or directly donate items that are needed for the event. If donating money, this donation will be used to buy important products to host the event as well as resources to use for our club in the coming years. If big companies are sponsoring the event, they are also welcomed to offer scholarships to people on the officer team, speakers, club members, or production and film teams.



Individual Donations

Individual donations include sponsorships from single families or people without a business domain. We provide up front seatings as well as a VIP pictures and meetings with speakers. You can individually donate when you reserve you ticket (found under the Get Tickets tab). Once reserved and inputted the donation amount, please contact the number below. Thank You!

What we give back to our awesome sponsors!

Sponsors are allowed to showcase their brand at the entrance of the event and spread the word during breaks. We encourage our sponsors to hand out personal advertising items during the breaks and in our gift bags. We will include your logo on our invitations, tickets, website, social media, program books, badges, and thank you at the end of the event. If you would like to be a sponsor please contact us. 


Phone: 470-505-8602

Feel free to see other information on the Contact Us page.


Thank you!